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Joanna Gorton is an Australian Actress. Born in Newcastle New South Wales, she made the move to Sydney by herself at 19 when she was accepted into the full-time Diploma of Screen Acting at Screenwise School of Film and Television.


Her love of performing was ignited at age 9 when she witnessed a staged musical production of Pinocchio at her local community theatre. She quickly became enamoured by the majestic singing whale that swallowed Geppetto, prompting her to sign up for classes at the theatre the next day. This lead to 10 years of stage productions ranging from ensemble to lead roles and completing a Diploma of Musical Theatre at WEA Hunter Creative Arts (Newcastle) in 2016.


Since arriving in Sydney she’s worked with such wonderful directors as Phillip Quast, Denise Roberts, Ben Matthews and Abe Forsythe on projects, while also studying practitioners such as Mamet, Stanislavski and Eric Morris - Favouriting Mamet while still dabbling in  Stanislavski. After Graduating her Diploma with Screenwise in 2018 she signed with the Rob Woodburn Agency and was accepted into the 2020 Summer Program of The Stella Adler Studio in Los Angeles. But has been postponed due to COVID 19.

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